Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe with Sweetened Condensed Milk

When I'm attending college, I were built with a friend named Susan. She'd a philosophy regarding dessert. Basically, if it wasn't chocolate, then it wasn't dessert.

This year, my mom had planned to take each of the desserts for the Christmas celebration, but she's the complete opposite of Susan...she really doesn't attend to chocolate. Since My business is, well, more in Susan's camp than my mom's regarding dessert, I was looking for a simple chocolate dessert to provide Christmas. I uncovered a recipe for fudge at Cooking--Add A Pinch, and I loved the concept of a peanutty fudge...but I had to get a new method. Robyn made her version of the fudge inside microwave. But I'm too chicken to do it her way. The thing is that, For a nice and burnt to many times by looking to melt chocolate inside microwave (pun definitely intended). I suppose I buy too impatient and try to run the microwave too long. The chocolate becomes too hot in places, and I ruin the feel along with the flavor.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe with Sweetened Condensed Milk

More power to you provided you can take advantage of the microwave to makes Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe with Sweetened Condensed Milk, but when you're at all like me, and think about chocolate too precious a commodity down the sink, then my version of the recipe uses the tried-and-true technique of making fudge in a very double boiler. And honestly, if you start boiling the water when you gather your ingredients, it truly won't take more than 10 minutes over the microwave version.

My version of the recipe also doesn't use sea salt for garnish like Robyn's does. We used cocoa for garnish (more chocolate the greater, right?). In addition, i thought it might be nice to garnish with chopped dry roasted peanuts.

I make fudge every year with the holidays. It's super simple I can create a LOT of individual gifts for friends and family. But I in addition try to make a different version each year. While I adore creamy fudge, this holiday season Needed a load if we do crunch. A palette surprise. In addition, i want to combine chocolate and peanut butter because, well, it's an awesome marriage. So, behold, the fudge of 2017! The chocolate bars melts in the mouth, the peanut butter adds ample nuttiness, along with the cereal adds a bit crunch in each and every bite. Plus, it's actually a one-bowl-wonder that I do believe you'll to have to make again and again.

I detest it when I've found a recipe that I must say i should make but which uses an ingredient we don't possess inside UK. Which had been the trouble with this fudge - the first recipe considered necessary peanut butter chips, which just don't exist here. But one day I suddenly were built with a brainwave - aren't speciality choc chips just candy by flavouring added?

So I attempted the recipe but used candy instead then stirred in many Pb2 powdered peanut butter and it worked amazingly! I'm glad I've finally got a fix for the people yummy recipes that I don't quite provide the right ingredients for.


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